Battleship Row


A vast pyramidical cavern at the end of the Ice Catacombs which has the glacier front as it’s furthest wall. Carefully maintained as an open canyon by the geothermal heat from the canyon floor and the persistent pumping of hot water from a network of pipes to run down the canyon walls. The canyon features a network of walkways and cranes which are embedded in the walls, through which troops, supplies and ammunition can be transferred to the airships waiting within it.


This cavern is the permanent anchorage for the battleship fleet. Eight of the largest airships ever constructed, heavily armoured and armed lie waiting for the signal to be deployed. At the given signal, hot water jets will bore a hole through the rear wall of the cavern, opening a direct channel between the anchorage and Windy Pass. The high westerly winds in Windy Pass can enable the battleship fleet to reach Midway station within hours of the order for deployment.

Battleship Row

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