A species of giant ants which reside within the desert and jungle regions of the canyon. Divided into 5 castes.


1.8 metres long, 1 metre high (with legs). Brown with small mandibles and high carrying capacity. Can be ridden by one person with harness, or can be used as a hauler.


2-3 metres long, 1.5 metres high. Brown with dappled, aggression activated mottling. Large mandibles, sharp spines on forward limbs. Heavier plating. Can be ridden by two or three people, or plated with armour and allowed free reign to fight.


4-5 metres long, 4 metres high. Bulbous, white. Large abdomen, powerful rock crunching jaws. Heavy armour plating above, weak underbelly. Cannot be ridden. When fed organic material, produces strong organic acid which can be sprayed from its abdomen. Highly damaging to most things – enables it to be a miner. When fed a combination of inorganic debris, produces a spray of solid material which forms a solid shell or carapace. Can be sprayed onto any existing frame as a waterproof but brittle coating.


Infertile queen. 4-5 metres long, 2 metres high. Black. Lightly armoured but with strong lifting capacity. Can be ridden by 4 individuals.


4-5 metres long, 4 metres high. Unlike interfile queens, the fertile queen has a swollen abdomen and lays eggs. from it.


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