Canyon dwellers
Magical exiles


The realm of the canyon floor beneath the High Jungle regions. Where dense treetop cover and the development of root and branch supported soil matter blocks sunlight, the realm below becomes a place of dark and damp conditions. All that falls from the jungle above is the detritus of the forest or the corpses of the dead. The floor of the canyon is littered with rotting bodies and masses, and fed upon by large insect creatures which scuttle and swarm over any fresh warmth which enters the area. The smell of rotting matter pervades the air, and the place is silent but for the skittering and scuttling of large, terrifying, multi-limbed creatures in the darkness.


Canyon dwellers may make occassional forays into the Deadlands for spiritual and hunting purposes. The folk of the cloud do not go here. However, they will use it to cast out magical users – lowering them down into the depths to be consumed by the insect creatures. Particularly strong magical users can repel the insects, and may wander in the darkness until they trip and fall over some obstruction and can no longer resist the onslaught, or perhaps fall into a sinkhole or crevice and find themselves in the underground system of rivers, channels and lakes.


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