Cloud Marines
Imperial Troops
Local Police


Built out of a fin-shaped promontory which extends from the canyon wall.

At the base is a level for ground traffic – traders on horseback, convoys, the occasional explorer, some trading canyon dwellers. Mostly this is ramshackle buildings and stores, with the exception of the lower level Trading Hall. This building is policed by the Imperial troops, but they leave the rest of the lower level to the local police.

The second level contains an anchorage for smaller balloons and some of the more disreputable shops and houses carved into the canyon wall. Trade here is rarely entirely honest, though not always criminal. The drinking establishment on this level is called the Spread Eagle, and it is a den of thieves, pirates and disreputable sorts. There is also a flea market, where most goods can be purchased for a considerable increase in their price. Local police patrol this level, but their role is purely to stop the bodies piling up and will cheerfully turn a blind eye (for the right price) to virtually any other crime.

The third level is built for larger trading balloons and usually deals with the official traders from the Cloud. The trading hall here is the hub for virtually all honest merchant traffic which crosses the borders of the cloud and the empire. The trading hall contains the cargo lift, a large wooden platform which can be lowered to bypass the second level entirely and deliver their goods to the ground level trading hall. It is surprising how many trade negotiations occur during the thirty minute lifting operation. The Cloud Marines screen anyone trying to enter the Trading Hall from the upper level, but leave the rest of the upper level to the local police. No military or police presence exists within the trading hall buildings itself.


Trade Hall (upper)
Trade Hall (lower)
Cargo Lift
Spread Eagle
Flea Market
Town Hall
Police Station
Imperial Garrison
Cloud Garrison

Quest ideas

Raid the merchant hall – rob the merchant hall via the lift
Someone is stealing the Enterprise – steal a balloon
Pirate Raid – join a pirate raid


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