Hauling Track


A wide shelf carved into the length of Windy Canyon around 200 metres above the canyon floor. Along its length, a steel rail system and a two way horse track exists.


Airships deploy their mooring arms at the start of the track, lock themselves onto the rails. The captains must maintain their trim perfectly for the duration of the journey. A team of horses then tether to the mooring arms and begin the long arduous journey along the length of the canyon. All balloons must tether to the mooring rail, but not all balloons require a team of pulling horses. Balloons with sufficient engine power to make the journey unaided also tether to the mooring rails due to the turbulent wind conditions along the centre of the canyon, where a sudden gust and eddie could dash a balloon against the canyon wall without warning.

At Midway station, the horse teams are untethered and are ridden back along the length of the track to return to the Tethering stations. At any one time, there are around 100 hauling beasts running the length of the canyon. The capacity of the hauling track at any one time is therefore between 10-20 airships, excluding large balloons. In the event of delays or the event of an unusual amount of traffic, a backlog can develop, providing a tempting target for pirate balloons operating out of Pillar Canyon.

Environmental effect

Without the force of the wind, the likely speed of most balloons pulled without engines would be about 20 km/hr, but with the strong wind in the opposite direction, the maximum achievable velocity is 10 km/hr.


Tethering Station (both ends)
Midway Station

Hauling Track

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