High Jungle

Jungle Wildlife
Cloud Hermits


A rainforest which clings to the upper sides of the canyon walls where sunlight can still penetrate. Lianas and vines stretch between outreaching branches, and soil washed down from the overworld build up on particularly dense networks of branches and roots to provide additional support for the growth of huge fungi or additional smaller plants and shrubs. Jungle wildlife is vibrant – monkey-like creatures swing from branches, snakes slither and a multitude of bird life shelters within the branches. Here and there, larger cat-like predators stalk through the branches looking for prey.


The High Jungle provides the Cloud with lightweight wood for the construction of airship support frames and aerial city structures. It also provides an additional food source alongside what is traded between the societies in the form of hunting. Some attempts have been made to construct small treetop farms, but these have met with little success and have not been widely adopted.


The presence of the rainforest is evidence for something mysterious at the surface. Those who go up there speak of a desolate desert world plagued by stalking terrors beyond imagination, yet where does the rainforest come from? How can such a forest have come about if the world above is barren – something must provide the seeds and nutrients?

High Jungle

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