Ice Griffin


A predatory white bird of a similar size to an American Eagle, with a long prehensile tail. It is able to curl up on its tail and use it like a spring or support, and is then able to use its talons more like hands. It is named for its habit to make its nest in snow drifts, with just its head poking out and its tail coiled against a compacted snow all behind it.


Largely an opportunistic hunter. It will hide within its snow drift nest near a likely site of potential prey. This can be a Hotter nest, or a Hotter extracting meat from a clam which it has dragged to the surface. In rare cases, it may even be a scrawny newborn Snorkow or Ice Lion cub which has caught its eye. The bird will coil itself into the snow and use the coiled tail as a spring to propel itself out of the snowdrift and towards its foe. The bird will then extend its wings to rapidly gain height, carrying it away from the prey. The attack can be very quick with little time to react. The bird may wound larger creatures in self defense, but will not attempt to prey upon them, unless they are dying or dead.


Small animals / humans

Hotters (eggs or young)
Snow Lions (rare)

Ice Griffin Eggs (hatchable – trained pet)
Ice Griffin meat

Ice Griffin

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