Meltwater Lake




A large lake of meltwater generated by low levels of surrounding geothermal heat on the canyon floor. Partially iced over, broken only where hot waters circulate up from the lake floor. Sulphurous fumaroles degas around its edge, and lichens sprawl around the exposed rocks. Compared to some of the other lakes, it is exposed and relatively brightly lit, so predators from the upper canyon may periodically sweep down and carry away the smaller wildlife.


The lake is one end of the animal migration route which has its other end in the warm, dark breeding grounds below Midway station. Along the migration route, the ice and snow fields along the cavity floor are periodically pock-marked by smaller regions of thermal heating and meltwater, but the lake represents one of the largest food resources available for fauna in the nothern canyons. Nearby canyon dwellers will hunt here, and occassionally, the residents of the Cloud may try to grab something large from high above.

Meltwater Lake

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