A city of balloons anchored within an alcove along Windy canyon. Sheltered from the wind, this represents a roughly halfway point for the Hauling Track, providing a place for crews and horses to rest and recuperate before moving again in the morning.

A column of stone sits in the centre of the alcove. Two bridges constructed over it provide lookout towers and stations and armaments which protect the balloon city from any rogue pirates which might dare to move themselves so far upstream of the Pillar Canyon mouth.

The city of balloons is anchored at the leeward side of the pillar. It is a series of ring shaped platforms held aloft by vast balloons and anchored by deep weights and canyon wall tethers. Around the rings, small balloons, each with a cabin capable of holding a small family are tethered by thick cables. Rope walking is a common skill and people simply shimmy or tight-rope for most exiting and entry, or may manouever closer to the platform for loading and unloading as necessary. Ladders extend down the anchor chains, allowing multiple balloon structures to be tethered to the same anchor chains and still accessed by people.

The markets and bars here are simply stalls arranged on the giant wooden ring structures. People are expected to sleep on their ships and drink and eat outside. The precautions against fire are strict. The only balloon authorised for fire is kept at a minimum safe distance from the primary structure. Food and smithing take place here, and are winched over in baskets.


Balloons detaching from the tether here can connect to the anchor chains and attach their mooring ladders. Personal can come ashore for food and beer, providing that they are back on their ships or in someone elses ship to sleep.

A military low-altitude balloon operates in the city in the city in order to respond or rescue any ships downed by pirates along the canyon.


Market ring
Beer ring
Fire balloon
Military ships


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