Shield Clam


About 30 cm in size, the shield clam is a filter feeding creature, protected by a thick grey shell. It has two prehensile tendrils and four to sixf semi-prehensile filter tendrils, also deep red. The creature within the shell is akin to a large mussel.


The creature is a filter feeder and resides within warm and hot geothermal waters of larger lakes. It uses its prehensile limbs to build a protective wall of mud and stones around itself to slow the dissolution of its outer shell in the hot waters, while extending its filter feeders to derive nutrients from the geothermal springs and lakes in which it lives. It reproduces by a form of sporing, and can move slowly by the use of water jets and propulsion from its prehensile tendrils. However, movement is rare once it has begun to shield itself.

Humans (common)
Hotters (common)
Ice Griffins (common)
Snow Lions (rare)

Clam meat (delicacy)
Clam pearls (valuable)


Any large body of water sustained by geothermal activity, mostly to the north and snow regions. However, variants of the clam can also be found in fast moving waters in the southern river flooded canyons. These do not need to build walls to shield themselves.

Shield Clam

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