A lumbering creature, roughly the same size as a rhinoceros, covered in long insulating fur which touches the ground. The creature can therefore appear as an amorphous shuffling mat of hair. The Snorkow has a long thick-skinned trunk which protrudes from the fur and contains its grazing mouth. The males of the species have long curved horns, like a cross between elephant tusks and sheep horns.


The creature is vegetarian, eating algae and lichens growing in lakes or on rock surfaces. The grazing trunk can either scavenge lichen or scoop algae from the surfaces of eutrophic lakes. The creature mvoes in herds, operating in small family units of 4-10. Pregnant females and calves are defended by a single male and non child-bearing mothers, but an active threat from sources other than humans is usually required to trigger heightened aggressive behaviour. Generally non-hostile, but not to be provoked. Young and very old single males expelled from the herd or not yet founding a herd can sometimes be found wandering the ice canyon floors. Young males are usually hostile, while older males are passive and will rarely respond to any threat.


Dwells along the colder canyon floors, usually confined to the migration pathways between the meltwater lake and the midway breeding grounds, but can sometimes be encountered at greater distances from these sites where cold conditions are encountered.


Snorkow fur
Snorkow ivory
Snorkow meat


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