Tethering Platform


The opening of Windy Canyon. A platform carved on the stone shelf, where the steel rail is open and can be docked onto. The platform has two large stables for the horses, partially recessed into the canyon wall. The cabin of an airship is perched on top of the stable and provides basic living quarters for the tethering workers. A large crane provides the ability to lower people or raise cargo from the canyon floor, or to extend as a loading arm to receive fodder or replacement hauling beasts from airships. A mirror and glowstone is used to signal to waiting balloons when to manouver into position.


Balloons waiting to join the track enter a holding pattern, anchoring to rings on the nearby canyon walls or simply using their engines to maintain position. Once the balloon recieves the signal to tether up from the mirrors, it approaches the dockside and passes out its mooring lines. These are used to hold the balloon in position while the tethering arms are connected to the rail. Once the balloon is attached to the rail, the only way to free the airship is to disconnect the tethering arms from the balloon cabin or to complete the journey. In order to minimise the strain on the tethering arms, the Captain is expected to maintain a level trim for the duration of the journey.

Tethering Platform

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