Windy Pass


A canyon of strong westerly winds. The winds add a strong bonus to any airship travelling west, but a horrific impedance to any airship travelling to the east.


The strong wind which howls down from the glacier is routed into the canyon and driven along the length of the Windy Canyon. The boundary layer at the ground level is relatively unscathed, but at the height at which the airships operate, the wind is a significant hazard. The early migration to the east was conducted initially at ground level, and it was only upon the discovery of the steam cave networks beneath the glaciers and the construction of the foundaries and gas mines that the transition to airships took place. The ancient Cloud denizens found that they could rapidly reach the old Gate at a rate almost double that of any horse, but that the return journey could be almost impossible without a sufficiently powerful engine to drive it. The smaller balloons were stranded while the larger balloons could only return at a pace roughly equivalent to walking.

Environmental effect

Midway station
Hauling line
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Pillar Canyon

Windy Pass

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